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Musician. Keynote Speaker. Natural Healer. Health and Wellness Coach.

Hailing from St Louis, Missouri, Jarmel has achieved remarkable feats in his music career. n 2007, Jarmel’s first album dubbed I’m that, sold 7000 copies, followed by a second album release, The Holy Bible in 2013, which sold four million downloads worldwide. He was recognized for his writing prowess. Most recently, Jarmel is a hip hop rapper, motivational speaker and health and welness coach. Through his many talents, Jarmel has reached people of all backgrounds with inspiring videos and a captivating podcast "Just a Thought".


The multi-faceted artist is also a writer, videographer and spiritual healer. His passion lies in inspiring the next generation of music entrepreneurs to relentlessly pursue their passion in music and beyond. As the future unravels, Jarmel has set his sights on providing his audience, fresh and distinct music that is relatable and will foster a deeper connection with his fans.


Album Coming Soon


Specialized Services

Inspirational Speaking

Jarmel is a song writer, rapper, and speaker. He has the wisdom to move and inspire audiences of all ages. Get in touch to schedule a session or learn more about music opportunities.

Booking for Concerts/Shows

As a musician who can inspire and uplift a crowd, Jarmel is a performer you won't forget! A crow-pleaser for sure. Book Jarmel for your show today!

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