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Manifesting potential and creating legacy of entrepreneurs! Join me!

Jarmel Reece is a rising hip-hop star from St. Louis, Missouri. With a unique ability to evoke powerful reactions from his listeners, Jarmel's music inspires and empowers his audience through thought-provoking and emotion-evoking lyrics. His gripping lyrics and catchy beats have endeared him to a loyal fan base, and he has achieved remarkable feats in his music career, including working with acclaimed Grammy award winner/multiplatinum producer SHAM. Jarmel's entrepreneurial spirit led him to co-create The 9ine Collection, a fashion clothing and shoe line that provides comfort and style with an urban twist. He is also a writer, videographer, and spiritual healer, with a passion for inspiring the next generation of music entrepreneurs. For Bookings contact Sunny at or call 602-888-0793.



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