Jarmel Reece is a rising hip-hop star who is taking the music scene by storm. Listening to his music gives you a hint that Jarmel is not just your typical artist. His unique ability to evoke powerful reactions from his listeners is truly phenomenal. He uses his voice to inspire and empower his audience through his thought-provoking and conversation-evoking lyrics that appeal to his listener’s emotions. Jarmel brings a perfect mix of feel-good vibes and soul touching music that has endeared him to his loyal fan base. His gripping lyrics and catchy beats will leave you yearning for more.

Hailing from St Louis, Missouri, Jarmel has achieved remarkable feats in his music career. He has worked with acclaimed Grammy award winner/multiplatinum producer SHAM of the "Trackstarz". In 2007, Jarmel’s first album dubbed I’m that, sold 7000 copies, followed by a second album release, The Holy Bible in 2013, which sold four million downloads worldwide. He was recognized for his writing prowess, winning the ‘Best Song Writer of the Month’ for songwriter universe contest in 2018 for his hit song Loop Life.


An astute entrepreneur, Jarmel merged his creativity, sharp eye for design and his knack for entrepreneurship to co-create The 9ine collection, a fashion clothing and shoe line that provides comfort and style with an urban twist. The 9 shoe is handcrafted by carefully selected, highly skilled Italian artisans. Meticulous attention to detail goes into creating the superior shoe that caters to the needs of the fashion-conscious man.

The multi-faceted artist is also a writer, videographer and spiritual healer. His passion lies in inspiring the next generation of music entrepreneurs to relentlessly pursue their passion in music and beyond. As the future unravels, Jarmel has set his sights on providing his audience, fresh and distinct music that is relatable and will foster a deeper connection with his fans.